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The Connoiseur Hotel – Succoth

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Dearest Mashi
How wonderful to have received yours as always beautiful letter. With all my love I will always remember the Lipskars. So many happy, sad and funny Memories come flooding back. Not always easy as you know memories of names and places do fade away with
We opened the Connoisseur Hotel in 1975 giving us the nachas and joy that Rabbi Mendel and Mashi Lipskars so gallantly shared with us.
I often think of Malka Goldie, so smart and knowledgable strutting around the Chabad Shul examining all the ladies as they walked into shul. She examined each lady’s shoes as they walked into Shul “why are you wearing leather shoes today – “you must observe the rules” Then where is your shaytel your hair must be covered.”
Well on this particular Suchot we were taught an unforgettable incident.
The Connoisseur always built a beautiful Succah, which was used during the whole day when business men came to eat. We were always Boruch Hashem full. Rabbi Mendel and Rebbetsin Mashi Lipskar on the last Friday walked down to lunch with us. It was a beautiful day and we had an enjoyable time when suddenly the rain came pelting down with such force. The Lipskars also brought a new baby with them. Friday night arrangements had been made for
the Lipskars to entertain members and friends for Shabbos. What’s to do? Mendel walked all the way sopping wet back from the Connoisseur Hotel to the Chabad Shul and calmly requested for his guests to be taken over to their Succos of friends and relatives. Having achieved this Mitzvah he walked back to the Connoisseur sopping wet. The Connoisseur
always had a small covered dining room for cover in case of rain.
The Chief Rabbi and his wife were sitting in the sheltered dining room and I was talking to them,when Goldie came marching in “excuse me but are you Jewish?” I gave a horrified gasp and wondered what now?
The Chief Rabbi answered her “of course little girl I am certainly Jewish why do you ask? Goldie answered if so why are you not sitting in the Succha? Well little girl we are not sitting in the Succah because it is pouring with
rain: Little young lady, boss of the Connoisseur pointed to the Succhah and showed the Chief Rabbi that her father Rabbi Lipskar, Michael Rootshtain, and Dov
Grauman were having a wonderful time- soup dripping with rain water and enjoying themselves under peals of laughter. The Chief Rabbi explained to
her that it was forbidden to be uncomfortable in the pouring rain
and once again assured her that they were Jewish. Well I think I needed to be taken to a hospital for shock treatment. However Boruch Hashem
We all survived and we have never forgotten that night. Always something to remember!!!