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Dr Rodney 30 years ago

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Brian Gavin
I have a story to share that epitomizes the determination and selflessness of Doctor Rod. Almost 30 years ago, Rodney insisted on taking me to mikveh before my wedding. As we left the house he grabbed a siddur so that we could say morning brochos. When we got to the mikveh very early Sunday morning the men’s mikveh was locked and we couldn’t find anyone with a key so he said “we’ll figure something out”. We headed to one of the women’s mikvehs in Yeoville and it was also locked. He saw that there was an open window, he climbed up on my shoulders, climbed through the window and opened the mikveh door. I still have the siddur he grabbed that day here in Houston, Texas and I am reminded of him every time I use it. Rodney was a selfless person who went to extreme measures to make sure that whoever he touched performed a mitzvah in one way or another. He touched my soul and I will never forget him.