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Month: June 2013

Please participate in the Anashstory project. Your story is our story.

By openly sharing our stories and memories about our past and present relationship with Chabad, and by adding perspectives and embellishments to the stories of others, we can reveal the rich tapestry of connections that binds us together as a community. “This site is here to tell the story of Shnas Hoarboim and will enable everyone to participate in a meaningful way.” - Rabbi Mendel Lipskar ...
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Mendel and Mashi’s arrival

I remember the warm sunny Thursday in 1972 that Mendel & I landed in South Africa. It was the 10th of February & a beautiful summers day. We came on the El Al flight & were met at the airport by Koppel Bacher, Mitzi Yachad together with his 11 year old son Mandy ....I think his wife Ann was also there...Ruth Benjamin....maybe with her 5 year old daughter Debbie (today Devorah Shinan...
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